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This is the third week after surgery and I’m to say that I am supposed to be doing fine there is a lot of pain left the stitches are about healed yesterday I help my daughter move a table so she could do her artwork on her costume for Halloween she wants to be a animatronic werewolf at the ball in Salem Massachusetts however for moving the table I am really sore today I got news my other son had wrecked his pickup and that he hadn’t had very much sleep from work so bad that he have bags under his eyes almost bleeding he too is schizoaffective and raising a family very well although I can’t say too much for my band practice lately as we got a new mixing board and recording device but haven’t gotten out to play anything yet our drummer is having hip problems andar flute player is working overtime at Walmart last week I got my booster shot how do I get my flu shot on the 28th better half has a large bruise where she got her shot it suffered from flu symptoms afterwards you may say in my life is not boring but sometimes I feel isolated and alone the depression you get from the medicine doesn’t give you much in Hope when you see the death toll of people dying and yet our city is having a state fair leave me to to wander is there any intelligence there thank you for your timezen


That’s great DrZen.


Hang in there @DrZen


Please get well @DrZen . I can tell you’re not feeling well both physically and emotionally. I will pray for you.

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