Update on my condition

I’m still taking 4.5 mg of Vraylar and that’s about it. I went off Wellbutrin because of bad side effects. I guess the next step is to go on Cymbalta for depression. For supplements, I’m taking fish oil, nac, and sarcosine, mainly. I just started nac and fish oil two days ago.

As for my diagnosis, it’s currently schizo-affective disorder bipolar type. I don’t see how I have bipolar. I drink a lot of caffeine and still am not manic. I think they just diagnosed me as bipolar type because I’m doing much better on Vraylar and supplements, which is stupid. I still have depression. Yes, I have improved, but I’m still really disabled.

As for symptoms, I don’t hallucinate or hear voices, but I still have cognitive problems (like expressing myself, remembering things, and doing complex math like I used to), depression, can’t work yet, am paranoid, and have delusions. My paranoia, depression, cognitive decline, and delusions are the worst. To me, it’s all very real.

I have little to no motivation or drive.

What also bothers me is the previous diagnosis of Aspergers. Maybe that’s why I feel worse off.

I pretty much have everything I want except physical health. My physical health is deteriorating faster than normal. I also worry about what will happen to me after my parents pass down the line because they are my only interaction and security.


Good to keep us posted. I would try meditation or yoga or exercise whatever works for you.

Meditation worked for me tremendously

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