Unlucky music

I’ve been wanting to listen to this one album I have, it’s the soundtrack to the Passion of the Christ, it’s really pretty music but I have this unusual belief that every time I listen to it something bad will happen, so I have not listened to it in a long time. Does anyone else ever feel like something they like brings in bad luck or is this just an unusual belief brought on by delusional thinking? I’m tempted to listen to it today, but I don’t know how much I want tempt fate. I don’t think a whole lot could happen to me, but my grandfather isn’t doing well and if I listened to the album and something happened to him I’d feel guilty about it forever. I don’t know what to do…should I just listen to the music and hope for the best or ignore the album and toss it out?

Careful, the unusual belief police will getcha.

Just listen to it i would say.

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That is a delusion. You can send out certain energy to the universe though. Like if you were to listen to Marilyn Manson 24/7, you could attract negative energy. I think listening to the soundtrack to the Passion of the Christ would be positive. And if it is your favorite than go for it. I’m sorry your grandfather isn’t doing well, but no music you listen to will make him worse. I’m assuming you believe in God and the Angels, so I would hold the CD and ask them to bless it. :sunny:

I had a feeling this was all in my head, I do believe in God and Angels, and all that, I was raised a Catholic, and while I don’t go to church, like I should I, still strongly believe in the Catholic faith.

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Sometimes when I turn on a football game I’ll think that my watching positively or negatively affects my team. For instance, when Oklahoma State and Florida State played I turned the TV off after the first quarter because I thought I was jinxing the Cowboys. I guess that is common, but I think I feel it a little stronger than most. I also think people on TV are watching me, and that’s probably a common one too.

I listened t the album tonight, so far nothing bad has happened. I actually listened to it twice because it had been so long since I last listening to it and really enjoyed the music. Think I’m gonna log off and go read my kindle until I’m ready for bed. Just thought I’d share.