Unique diganose

due to systoms and different ingredients could you have a one of a kind diganose?

Yes I know this one to much but I’m not retarded just disconted and hard wire

this is worth updating

although we are all called sz under one label IMO we all have unique diagnosis

I agree, people like us with a range of symptoms all have the same diagnosis, but every one of us experiences the illness in our own unique way.


fairplay @Turquoise your thinking like me mate on this issue/gift

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It’s strange to call it a gift, but I understand in a way. Much as this illness makes my life hell, I don’t think I’d be the person I am without it, I have empathy and open-mindedness that this has taught me, and there have been times (mania!) when it has felt like a gift. I call it a gift and a curse.

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in my case it was a gift…because I only had spells of psychosis…inbetween was magic

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…////////////////////…and no one wants to know .

if your beat sz would anyone want to know?

Tell me

feel like shite or feel well…they don’t give a shite

I am different too you

I am a unique individual.

(Just like everyone else.)


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I’m hella unique, no one has anything like my game world experience. Wish I could have journaled it and turned it into a book

My last dx : I don’t know it could be bipolar or schizoaffective

they called me manic-depressive when I was 19. I didn’t believe them and didn’t take meds for it. Now I’m almost 50 and I’m diagnosed a bipolar schizophrenic and must have meds. Maybe if I would have listened back then none of this would have happened.