Underestimating social skills

One of the symptoms of my social anxiety is underestimating my social skills. Multiple people have told me that I have good social skills and I don’t believe them… I just take all the memories from my break when I was socially impaired, and label myself as that.

Apparently this isn’t new to the studies on social anxiety, I read in my workbook that it’s very common. Don’t underestimate your social skills. :pray:

Despite my recovering most of my social skills, I still wish I had more friends in the Midwest. My best friend might come out for Thanksgiving this year though.

And to end this post, I’d like to say that: all the cliches are true. Get out more. Talk to people. Don’t focus on the negative.



I agree - underestimating our abilities in many areas is very common. Best to have moderately optimistic estimates - and try things. If they don’t work out - try to learn from them.


Thank you for this. I’ve been thinking about it, people say I’m cool but I just don’t feel it. I feel awkward most of the time when I’m around people.

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this is a tough one. social anxiety affects the majority of us, sz or otherwise. I made three friends today by being social! it is nice when people enjoy your company and vise versa. my family doesn’t want me associating with these new amigos but to hell with them. I’ve made zero friends the past 15 years (duration of my illness) and maybe it was because I was a bad friend. who am I to judge. as long it is not toxic, a friend is a friend. toxic is subjective, remember to add radioactive to it. I make decisions willingly and I trust my new found friends. I’d like to repost the last line:

I’m in that boat… I feel awkward and odd… and out of touch… I meet people and think that they must see me as a freak.

But then I hear back that I made a good impression… that blows me away.

We are our own worst critics.


Completely true. A little too much of criticism :smile:

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