UK Blog - Queen Elizabeth II sends her first Tweet

Note: I thought this was really cool lol

An exhibition celebrating the history of communications technology got a very modern royal seal of approval from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who opened the gallery today by sending her very first Tweet.

The Queen sent the Tweet from the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account in front of 600 guests from the world of science and technology. They were gathered to celebrate the new Information Age gallery at London’s @ScienceMuseum, an exhibition that explores the technological breakthroughs that have transformed how we communicate.

A Game of Thrones fan, now a twitter account…Long live the Queen!

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I didn’t know she was a fan of Game of Thrones. That’s cool.

She visited the set of Game of Thrones. It was huge thing in our media here in OZ as Game of Thrones is loosely based on the Wars of the Roses. Seems though after a few googles that she declined to answer if she watched the show or not. So maybe a fabrication by our media that she was a fan.