Twitter twats

Why do some people insist on posting the same thing on twitter a couple of dozen times? It’s pissing annoying having to scroll through it. Often it’s utter garbage anyway.

It’s social media for the nearly illiterate. I prefer to read blogs.


I’m so happy I don’t use Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter is…

“Hey everybody! Look at me!! I just ate a sandwich!!..blah…blah…blah”

That’s what twitter is in my opinion. Time uselessly wasted.

I do get some good links from there but it often means wading through crap to get to the nuggets of gold.

I just ate a wrap. It was a sweet chilli chicken one. I didn’t post to twitter about it. That was an oversight on my part.


“twitter twats” where are the pics at?

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Was a sign at the place we have lunch today that seems to fit here. “Drink coffee and do stupid things faster and with more energy” So I think we can add “Twitter twats” to the start and wish them well.

You totally missed your chance to go viral. You know this, right?



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