TV again, oh lord help me

While i was thinking deeply about my unusual beliefs: the truman show and capgras, tv said twice: “they’re all actors”

I’m connected to the universe, it seems.
I receive messages and instructions

Om, you need to distract yourself from these thoughts. They’re not helping you

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It’s frightening. It’s not positive.
It makes me wonder

Yes, you’re right. But how should l make the shift of my consciousness? The change of direction of my thoughts? I always think about the neighbours being replaced by aliens, or the belief that everyone reads the screenplay and plays according to a director’s instructions

The voice said “you should breathe” and the song said “breath” at the same time

The strange thing is that I am in the center of all… The center of the universe, the center of interest of aliens, the center of interest of God etc.
I am under the spotlight

I never liked attention. Now I am in the spotlight

Sorry for the rant, guys.

I used to have these unusual beliefs, but with the help of my doctors I have learnt that’s not real. That’s not true. It’s imposible. Maybe you should call your psychiatrist.

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He told me that I am better cos I have insight.
It’s true. I went 5 days earlier to our appointment and we had the injection earlier cos I had warning signs. I recognize psychotic thinking.
Well, not always. Usually these beliefs seem the only reality. I am on a reality show