Trying to come to terms with sz as a disability

since it is definitely a disability i finally realized i need to do my best but not to try to keep up with healthy people. that marathon that some healthy people ‘run’ is not do-able for me due to my sz.

i also need to come to terms with the fact that it is not my fault/character weakness etc.

i have been sick with sz most of my life and always chased a dream that just isn’t possible. finally as a senior i get it.



That’s what one of my mental health workers told me, that mental illness isn’t my fault.


all my young years i was depressed about my disabled condition. i hope others here come to resolve it better than i had. none of it is our fault. none at all. judy


It took me years to admit I have sz… I went off meds for 2 years I think… I think I did a lot of damage doing that… I have to remember the meds are good


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