Trying some new food


yea im part Czech, we eat them too :slight_smile:


You can get perogies at the supermarket. Do you have an Aldi store where you live? Aldi’s has perogies. They’re relatively cheap and really yummy :yum:


You always have something that looks delicious in your food threads. I wish I could cook half the things you make. Even though you mentioned they look better than they taste, I would prefer that a hundred times over to the TV dinner I will be having later today.:slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds better than my Swanson’s Turkey Dinner. All I had energy for. Now I think I’ll go nap – vile day at work.


Oh so they’re kind of like empanadas? They sound delicious.


Never seen those before, I get some new foods when they are on sale, never had anything to bad so far


Aww I’m sorry you had a tough day at work. Hopefully tomorrow will be low stress.


They look soooo appetizing! But they didn’t taste that well?


They didn’t really have a normal pizza flavour. Just odd tasting. Ì wouldn’t buy them again. Thank goodness I bought a box of potato and cheddar perogies. We’ll have those later this week.


Haha! Yes, it’s good to have something you know is taste great ready to go!


Yep, eating old food is not a good idea.


I like the plain mashed potato perogies. I did mine in salsa and sour cream


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