Toxic masculinity


They need to learn to bake a good quiche.


Them reproductive rights.

If you can’t tap it, fap it.



They think they are too ugly to find a partner but in reality it’s their attitude the problem.


What would a duracel be? :upside_down_face:

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Are incels the ones who only want to date a specific kind of woman?

Some do. Others just hate women and feel as if they’re owed sex for existing.


Many incel are very toxic, they believe that women shouldn’t have rights and that monogamy with arranged marriages should be enforced by the state.


I have a guilty pleasure of going to incel forums for a cheap laugh.


I believe that arranged marriages are potentially the best kind.

I also believe in one partner for life. And without a dozen “trial relationships” before that. If not for schizophrenia, I would have been an example of that by now.

At the same time, I admit to have overly high sexual drive, not sure how to best describe it. This can either be blamed on schizophrenia or be the cause of schizophrenia.

I don’t care for feminism beyond equal pay and equal job opportunities.

Does that make me an “incel”? Why is there a political thread in the first place?

I thought incel was a meme, didn’t know it was real people lol. Oh well as long as they’re just keyboard warriors and don’t harass women in real life.

Bro idk how to tell you this but like… Women deserve rights… Feminism is important.

As for arranged marriages they are a terrible concept. Forcing people to be together regardless of their feelings or consent is just plain wrong, and traps people in horrible, toxic, and possibly extremely abusive environments.

Yes! Eliot Rodgers wasn’t bad looking, and he drove a BMW. He could have gotten a girl if he wanted one. I think what he really wanted was to hurt people.

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haha same, what forums do you go to?
I like to go to and post the most absurd screenshots on anti incels subreddits.

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I went to I regret it

I don’t get why they don’t arrest them all, in particular Nathan Larson.
That stuff is criminal. @CMBS87

Your “incels” do not deserve attention. There are foul crimes against women that actually occur systematically and have been for decades. They don’t get talked about much, combated even less.