Total boredom

How are you guys?
i want you to have it all


Bored too. Nothing gives me pleasure


i can;t get more satisfaction. Yes the meds kills all dopanine in the brain.
I get pleasure writing comments. But i get flagged alot. Sometime i just get banned for a day.
i tried to meditate but i am so restless. I walk the floore bachward and forward.:slight_smile:


Yay boredom squad :smile:

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its to late to make cookies for the retirementcentre.

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Maybe i should join some fanatic hardcore extrem forum?
There was a website you could talk aliens, religion, politcs and drugs but they closed.

Meditation is the only thing that gives me mental pleasure. Like a mental orgasm

A classic 2 player game where two people watch a painted wall slowly dry and the last one to fall into a deep slumber is the winner.

you are so lucky om. You should be proud of your freedom you have been working for all you life.

Where is the EXIT of this thread? :smile:

What’s the problem Jedi?

i dream lately of buriels in the cementary. Smells awful all these outdated graveflowers.
The other night in my dreams someones got buried with his campervan in the ground. and the morning i get up with an asthmaattack. i am to scared to sleep.

They say better a bad day off, work, as a good day work

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