Top 5 movies?

Here are mine

Star wars saga
Assassin’s creed
The soloist
Back to the future trilogy

I know there are two sagas in there but i can’t pick a favorite from them. I also love the batman trilogy and a movie called the uninvited that came out in '09. But they don’t make the top five.

Alien + Aliens
The thing
The big lebowski
The terminator
Prince of darkness


Original star wars trilogy
Star trek 1
Back to the future 1

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Fatal attraction
Silence of the lambs
Pretty woman

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That’s only four :thinking::thinking:

The devil wears prada

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Watching “Debbie Does Dallas” 5 times in a row.

Sausage Party
Full Metal Jacket
Dumb and Dumber
The Shining-1970s version
Das Boot

Note: I was gonna write E.T. but I remember when he got dressed up in the closet. That movie has done more intergalactic damage than ever. No wonder aliens don’t want to visit.