Took the dog out early because of heat warning

I walked him at 6:15am

He was still very exhausted from it, but has had some water and is now laying out on the hard floor to keep cool

At 6am the heat was 24c

My parents are planning to walk their dog at 7:30am. But by 8/9am it’s going to be over 27c!

Yesterday I helped fix my parents block paving, and the tarmac on the road was piping hot.

I didn’t want my doggo to hurt his paws.

He’s also not even a year old, and this is his first hot few days

Hope he will be ok


How is this possible the heat sounds insane.

Sounds like your taking good precautions for the pup.


It was not pleasant sleeping last night

Going to be record heat of 42c in some places today

France has it worse than us

Think Portugal was reporting 47c yesterday!

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Where I am it is 7am and already 22 degrees Celsius haha.

Smart thinking for doggo


Beyond insane - just converted that to F 116°

Hope you guys are safe in doors.

Thanks @Kxev

We don’t have AC in most homes here, but I think it’s a breezy day as live on the coast.

Just going to stay indoors I think




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