Tomorrow is my birthday

i am feeling sad somehow about it all. i will be 63 and i have plenty to be h appy about.

still… i am not totally well and that is a disappointment for me.



You aren’t getting older…you are just staying young longer! :wink:


Wow ! Happy birthday @ifeelblessed !


Happy Birthday @ifeelblessed :birthday:

Hope you have a good day!

I was born in 1966…

I’ll be a crotchety old man in my rocking chair cursing those meddling teenagers on my front lawn. I’ll yell out…

“Give me some damn respect, already!! I was born before they put a man on the Moon!!”


thanks so much all of you for your well wishes and excellent jokes!!

tell me, because even though i’ve been sz for so long i cannot figure this out, does anybody understand us besides us?


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Happy early birthday. :birthday::birthday::birthday:

Happy birthday! Wil you be doing anything special to celebrate?

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i am getting my piano tuned ninjastar. i always do it around my birthday. judy


@ifeelblessed… My 84 year old Mother’s favorite joke…

A male Pianist is sitting down and taking requests at a Nudist Colony.

A guy from the crowd yells out, “Do you know your balls are hanging through the wicker chair?!”

The Pianist replies…“No. But if you hum a few bars, I’ll try my best.”



Happy early birthday @ifeelblessed!

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Hippo :hippopotamus:
Bird :bird:
Day :sunny:!!!

Well, you’ve always sounded young to me. I never would have guessed you are in your 60’s. Congratulations. Every year is a milestone.

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Happy Birthday @ifeelblessed

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I will be 59 in april so I am right behind you…happy birthday !!

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Happy birthday! All that is important is that you count your blessings and be kind to yourself.

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Happy birthday! :tada::birthday::cake:

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Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day

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