Tom Watson says we should treat problem gambling as a 'public health emergency'


@san_pedro This thread is for you, dude.

Too bad the article only focuses on online gambling with a credit card and doesn’t present other problem gambling results of other forms such as casino’s, lotteries and sports betting.

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Perhaps governments should stop exploiting addicts as a revenue stream.


Does that mean you are against nation lotteries, or just scratch cards ?

There is a reason why governments use that revenue stream as an alternative to tax but also why most gambling establishments are administered/overseen by the government.

Yes. 15151515151515

Yes. Because they become bloated and overspend on garbage instead of just sticking to the essentials and you can only tax so much before crates of tea get tossed into the harbour.

Healthcare, public infrastructure, national defence and public schools all require taxation. Sometimes there is a government surplus or deficit depending on the yearly budget. Yeah, the Boston Tea Party was a colonial tax from the British onto the 13 colonies but that was over 200 years ago and much has changed since then.

No disagreement. 151515

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I’m not against national lotteries but think there should be ways of limiting how much a person can spend on them per day/week. Having said that I accept it would be easier to enforce when it comes to online rather than offline lottery ticket buying .

The question I would ask is should something be stopped because a minority of people develop an addiction ?

Those minority of people have the right to spend whatever money, income or assets they have the way they please. It is their freedom to. Just as how some people are able to purchase narcotics, cannabis or alcohol.

I personally find the notion of expecting massive return for minimal input morally reprehensible. If you think I dislike gambling you should see how much I hate the stock market.


Would you also be against people being rich due to inherited wealth ie living off inherited wealth?

I think 75% of wealth should revert to society when one passes.

@velociraptor That seems ok to me.

This is an example of government overreach.

The fact that some people get addicted to gambling is not a reason to ban gambling. Same with alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

We need to keep the government in check.

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how many millionaire became rich from winning a lotto…?

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I would say that there is really nothing positive about gambling, other than perhaps creating some jobs at places like casinos.

I’m not necessarily against folks buying one lottery ticket, for example, since it bumps their odds from zero to infinitesimally small and paying a couple of dollars to daydream is OK, I guess.

Very few @san_pedro

OK but I have of winning @anon35453467

and can I ask you is there a way of winning?