To love somebody

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is my singing awful?

I can get into your singing on this song.

not terrible? its hard for me to hear past the bronchitis i just had

Hay , , ,

Have You Evah Herd of tha SWANS … (?) … ,

There is thus One Song Called {{{HOLY MONEY}}} … ,

Do a Cover With You Slowing Your Fingerpicking Chord Progressions Down … ,


Tap tha Beat on Your Guitar as You Slow tha Chord Structure (!!!) ,

Try it Out Yo (!!!)

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No you’re singing’s not awful.

Reminds me of many songs I could not bring to mind.

As somebody who put heart, soul and a good rythm behind a girl who knew a few chords who went on to put out an album and tour Europe, I can’t but give positive encouragement.

I’d like to write the song (I’ve done so) “To love somebody who doesn’t know” Because I didn’t, and in the end after all my devotion and encouragement, what did I get but let go? It was then I died inside and waking dreams of that knot in the old tree began anew.

Keep playing, keep singing.

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I wouldn’t normally share this shtuff but…what the hell.

As an acid trip once brought to me the realizations that I’d played the music halls of the great midwest, and this girl told me to forget about what I’d remembered as even if true she didn’t wish to know. I sat so many nights at the beach helping write songs. I may not have known how to play guitar, but I knew what sounded good.

You went somewhere, and now you, having forsaken you’re literature degree you bring more of us into the world. I love you.

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