To buy a harp or not?

I have my eyes fixed on a certain Celtic harp.
But my mom is not allowing me- I’m buying the harp as I have enough money.

Should I just ignore my mom and buy a harp? The harp costs around 1100 dollars including shipping.

  • yes
  • no

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I say go for it!

My guitar and keyboard have been the source of enjoyment for years. I think it’s a good ‘mental investment’ as well.

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Perhaps you’ll enjoy this duet, @laetitia

Can you play the harp ?

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This is the first time you have mentioned wanting something for yourself. I think that is a sign of growth and healing.


I don’t know how to play the harp, but I know how to play the lyre.


If you can play the instrument, kinda depends on some factors, but hey it seems like you could always resell.

If you can’t play the instrument, then you need to focus on something where you can learn the basics.

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This is exactly why I bought a lyre- it’s pretty much the same.

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If you’re already enjoying the lyre and don’t know how to play the harp keep your money. Maybe take harp learning classes?

Why doesn’t your mother want a harp? Is it too big, maybe? I can understand if she thinks there isn’t enough space.

Plus thats a lot of money. Maybe she is looking out for your finances. Do you make a lot of purchases?

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A Harp.

A Very Eternally Inspiring Instrument (If You Ask Me), A Fascinating Part of Musicianship!.

I Honestly Never Seen One in Front of Me.

But Would Love to Try And Learn How to Play One.

Have You Ever Heard of JOANNA NEWSOM, @laetitia?.

If Not, Go And Check Out Her Music Video, Sprout And The Bean!.

SoO0…, if You End up Deciding to Grab a Harp, You’ll Have Something to Aim For (!!!).

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

No, I rarely make purchases. I don’t buy a lot of things and this is my only big investment.

The harp only weighs 2kg and it can be carried around on your lap.
She thinks it’s a weird instrument.

Go for it man I mean there’s nothing to loose from going a little creative with your fun. You can play and post it here on forum chat.

This might be harsh but… is there an instrument that gives you more bang for your buck? Have you thought about learning the keyboard? You can play with a lot of musical tones with a keyboard, and I understand it might not be what you want, but they are readily available and people are always getting rid of an old model for a newer one.

If music is your passion I wouldn’t say to just think of one instrument as a vehicle for that.

I like art, but I’ve sculpted ( I actually think now that sculpting might be one of the most fun to just play with casually) and I started off strictly drawing, then I learned to paint a little. Then I found sculpting and I found so much enjoyment out of it, and I didn’t expect it to be so fun.

If you play an instrument already, and really feel passionate about it, obviously go for it, but I reckon you could do just as well by branching out and trying other instruments to see if you’re not missing some really fun ways to engage with sound.

I feel though that honestly its up to you, ask your mother why she’s hesitant to think its a good idea, surely she must be seeing something maybe in the future you’ll need transportation and its better spent that way etc.

Other things that might be more tangibly important for your survival.

To be honest I have already played many instruments, including the piano.

I just realized today that I have other options: I could get levers on certain keys, like c or f, instead of a full levered one. That would reduce the cost to 800 dollars, or even use a used one.

I’m keeping my eye out for levered harps that are used. I had one person who wanted to send the harp to me but the shipping was too expensive.

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Can’t you buy a harp locally?

I decided not to buy a harp after fighting with my mom. My mom is really against buying a harp.

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