Tiggy Video - Hands in the air

Here’s a video of Tiggy doing “hand in the air / stick 'em up”



That’s so cute! Tiggy is a smart kitty! :heart_eyes_cat:

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You can see him looking to the right of the screen a bit. He is watching me to see what to do, I was holding my hand like a gun.

He learned that trick really quickly. We’re teaching him high fives now, although it’s more like high ten because he slaps with both paws!

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oh my goodness that is the cutest kitteh video I’ve seen in a loooong time! It is worthy of going viral, that is how happy it made me! My fave parts were where tiggy put his hands in the air and also the end where he snuggles up to your shoes.

Adorable cat and he seems loving (to the shoes for sure, and I’m sure to the owners of those shoes as well).

Thank you! This totally made my day today!

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I’m so glad you liked it!