Thync - brain zapping

Have any of you tried this device before? If so, how effective was it? Is it worth the $300 price tag?

I’m skeptical about stuff like this but am interested to see if anyone has experience with it yet?

If this actually works it could be very exciting. Maybe I could stop taking my morning stimulants and night time depressants.

If any of you plan on getting this, please keep us updated on how it works!

I look forward to hearing from you all! :baby:

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They seem to be popping up more and more recently. IDk on them. You could argue on ECT but they have something like 75 years of research behind it. Zapping your head with electricity somewhat randomly seems a bad idea to me.

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I guess it could work, probably loosely based on ECT.

I am too scared to try it out- I would wait till they perfect it.

But something I’d be interested in trying - one day.

anyone else have input?

Are there reviews on the site where you can buy from?

no one on here has tried this product yet? :frowning:

a) Probably not compatible with an implanted pacemaker.

b) I’ll consider it the day it’s recommended to me by a physician. In the meantime there are plenty of podcasting goodies I can buy with that $$$ that will be equally calming to me.


i have a 600,000 volt tazer will that work too? :smiley:

zzzzzzaaaappppppp!!! :tophat:

I don’t know why I read over half of the stuff you post on this forum.

If you are trying to be funny or make light of people who get real electronic volts to the head,
you are not succeeding.

yap …
give it a shot …
if money iz not a problem…
for all us on forum…

why do you people encourage this guy?

He doesn’t even have schizophrenia.

What can I say? People love me!

I think bipolars positively contribute a lot to this forum!

Another cool bipolar person on the forum called @sarad is who got me to join the site! Can you imagine how boring things might get if bipolars weren’t around? :guitar: :horse: :innocent:

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Hmm, yeah I see by the Like button that people like to be deceived.

Just don’t cross my path.

I’m here to talk with real schizophrenics.

I think this forum is for all the people having mental illness… Ranging from mild to severe…
and to all who claim to be sane and are positive towards helping people with M.I(mental illness)

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Bipolar sufferers have several forums to choose from.

They don’t need to hang out here as imposters.

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