We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. It went from being sunny and warm one second to cold and dark the next. My poor brain is totally confused by this. It’s cool though. I love storms.


OMG!!! you are no doubt DOOMED!!!

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Yep, it was in my neck of the woods too. I was sitting in my living room and thunder hit so close and loud that it sounded like someone shot off a rifle right outside my window.


Normally I kind of enjoy thunderstorms because they’re so rare here in the SF Bay Area. However, the hot temps, lightning strikes, and dry vegetation are causing more and more wildfires which is very scary.

The power grid is also overloaded due to the hot temps and about 3.3 million households (mine included) have been notified of the possibility of rolling blackouts for the next several days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my power doesn’t go out.

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Yeah @Moonbeam, I got a text from PG&E today. The chances are pretty high that they will be shutting off people’s power. They told me that it might be in six hour increments.

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Me too. I was up at 5:00 am to shop that day and it was thundering like crazy and the lightning was lighting up the whole sky. It was cool.


It rained here yesterday barely. Thunder little lightning.

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