Throwing my things , but do not know why

At my early stages of schizophrenia, just cause I felt that my car and other things attache me to materialism and cause lack of concentration on my studies I had to either give them away or through in the trash. Expensive things literally expensive things. It was like an obsession I Couldn’t resist. But that was in the past. Now, after five years since that happened I got the same feeling again it is like delete all the softwares you bought inside your laptop because you feel like. What! Why.

I want to know if anyone has this in common?

The closest I had was during relapses when voices would tell me to throw my lefts down the gap in the elevator shaft or out the car.

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Hi, im sorry for that. But more sorry for giving away my BMW ):

Anger issues are common during the prodomal phase during the onset of schizophrenia or a number of different mental illnesses. It would help to get some exercise in. Whether kicking a football, or practicing martial art. This does not mean necessarily kicking another. One thing is, as we grow around young adulthood and suffer our first heartbreak, we go crazy. Some leave another for another and we feel left behind.

This is can be attributed to why men develop schizophrenia earlier than women. The man loses the better half, another man goes around collecting things he wants but does not need, then the woman after feeling akin to a thing remembers the first man who spiraled for her and so she spirals realizing she wants to grow another piece of him. In any case, do not worry yet. The second man is often looking for another man, and thus no one is to blame alone.

Do not give up. Even if you have a fancy trashcan, maybe you should use it to recycle plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

We hide who we are when we deny our feeling of what we can be.

Serious you gave away a BMW what car do you drive now?

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meant to say keys

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when i was psychotic i went through this stage where i’d donate most of my top brand clothes to a christian charity to repent to god. i was so high on the schitz some of it it was still with tags others all in hardly worn condition

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A pare of shoes.

I can relate! That dose hurt.

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