Three simple recipes for dinners I know

  1. Scrambled eggs and smoked oysters.
    a. Scramble two eggs with whisk or fork and cook in pan with 1 tablespoon butter or margarine.
    b. Once cooked put the eggs on plate and add a tin of smoked oysters drained
    c. Pepper optional. No salt.

  2. Easy quesadillas
    a. Put flour burrito in slightly oiled pan.
    b. Add shredded monetary jack cheese.
    c. Fold burrito in half.
    d. Brown both sides.
    e. Move to plate and serve with salsa on top.

  3. Mushroom burritos.
    a. Put whole wheat flour burrito in slightly oiled pan.
    b. Spread one tablespoon of ranch dressing in burrito.
    c. Add sliced mushrooms
    d. Fold burrito in half.
    e. Cook on both sides very low temperature.


By Burrito I mean tortilla.


I like scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes sauteed in the same pan or wok.

Too good.

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That mushroom burrito sounds mighty tasty. omnomnom


You know how to eat! I love oyster omelette!

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