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Hi, @Moonbeam I tried to post a thread in creativity I think. A poem, called what defines us. I haven’t heard anything about whether it was approved or not. If it was, it’s not showing up on my activity. And if it wasn’t may I ask why.

I rejected a poem a couple of days ago that was very religious. We have a rule against religious discussions here.


Oh, my apologies. I guess I misunderstood. My faith grounds me in my illness and without it I could not be so far along. I thought as long as we weren’t having religious type discussions like whether there is a being greater than ourselves or not and arguing over it. I have had highly religious psychotic episodes full of fear, so I guess I can relate. But where I have also found healing only because of my faith it’s hard to imagine keeping such a resource especially when it is in a creative form and seeks to lift up and not destroy. Would they ever consider a category that does allow faith to be discussed in a non-agresssive manner? That way people who do find healing in that area can connect, and those that are sensitive to it can just steer clear.

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Thank you @Moonbeam I had remembered reading that, but forgot where it was and didn’t realize how strict the line is. Safety first, I will have to come up with some poems that are of a different nature to interact here. Thanks for the clarification.


No, probably not. Sorry.

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