This Is Some Sad Crap to Think About

As the coronavirus spreads we need to be reminded of the theory that a virus while the future schizophrenic is still in her Mother’s womb can make her a future statistic if the family genealogy is wrong. I am begging the scientific community to consider this possibility and protect the pregnant women out there vulnerable to this crap and their unborn the best you can. (and I am against a eugenics approach because my life was worth living.) Perhaps something can be done for them that could not have been done for us. Thank you.

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Yeah. It’s not a science yet but it a winter birth can be statistically relevant as the theory goes. Flu or cold in gestation. STill. There was a spike in the Netherlands after ww2. People who underwent starvation…they had a statistically higher rate of schizophrenia.

It’s early days yet and we currently don’t have the knowledge to connect the pieces but it’s still the same old thing. Do what needs to be medically cool and move from there. The difference will be whether we see a spike in sz cases during this pandemic. That is what will describe our concerns but it may lead to better treatment for those prone to such things…

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