This is my idea for coming off geodon

I’m going to go over this with the psychiatrist I see next week before doing it so don’t worry. Ok so my main issue with geodon now is that the half-life of the drug is just too short. I don’t eat meals with enough regularity to combat this and in addition eating 500 calorie meals with it is very difficult when it reduces my appetite so much. When it starts getting to 8-9 hours after taking the med (just 1-2 hours more than the half-life!) and I haven’t taken more I start getting terrible withdrawal effects such as extreme anxiety, vertigo, and even lightheadedness and fainting. (The lightheadedness is what caused me to get in a car accident!! Feels like my blood pressure is too low and I get very weak) Missing a dose causes my gag reflex to go off the charts and leaves me incapable of eating.

My thought is that it is the crash in seratonin and norepenephrine that is causing these symptoms, since geodon also acts as an SNRI and not having dopamine antagonism certainly wouldn’t cause this. In addition, Wellbutrin just doesn’t work for me as an antidepressant, it aggravates my psychosis and doesn’t do much else other than combat the sexual side effects of geodon. So I need to go back on a seratonin based antidepressant. I was thinking why not go on an SNRI, and then lower my dose of geodon to 20 mg twice daily again instead of 40. The SNRI will help to prevent this crash in seratonin and norepenephrine by providing a longer term reuptake. Then eventually I raise my dose of the SNRI and go off the geodon completely. It is my hope that with this strategy I will be able to avoid the worst of the withdrawal effects from this vicious medication. I wish I had known about the half life beforehand as it is has been a disaster for me, my lifestyle is not compatible with this med.

Lol. Most of us take meds and then have to adjust our lifestyles.

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I can’t do that. My new job is wonky hours every day and I can’t eat at the exact same time every day.

And anyways sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t drop everything to make and eat a 500 calorie meal exactly 7 hours after my last one.

I almost feel like it would be better for me to take smaller doses 3 times a day so I get more spread out coverage, but thinking of having to eat 500 calorie meals 3x a day with my med lowered appetite makes me want to throw up.

It’s a shame because geodon does work well and has helped me a lot but the side effects-no not the side effects the WITHDRAWAL effects are insane. (The side effects have actually been getting a lot better, the sedation doesn’t happen every time and when it does happen is more mild now, I haven’t gotten akathisia in quite some time, and I haven’t had the hand twitching in several days now) So I would be open minded to doing something like a 20 mg 3x a day dosage. Though that would be slightly under therapeutic dose so maybe like 20 mg at breakfast, 20 at lunch and 40 at night.

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You will acclimatize to the Geodon, but it takes time. Two months in my case back when I started it. The appetite also comes back in spades, sadly.

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Honestly I hope my appetite does come back. It’s frustrating trying to meet the calorie count right now. If I didn’t have a calorie count to meet I wouldn’t mind at all. But 500 calories right now has me gagging I’m so full.

On the plus side I’ve been dropping lbs super fast. I’m at nearly 10 lbs down from where I was 2 months ago.

Also did you get low blood pressure on it? This worries me, the feeling lightheaded and nearly fainting thing.

Sounds silly but I was actually afraid I was going to die last night because I heard geodon can mess with your heart, even though that’s more for people with pre-existing conditions or who have been on it for years.

if you feel like u need to get off the med maybe u should because i understand as i didnt stay on geodon either the withdrawal is bad but end the end u will feel better than u did before and you kinda have to go into quitting it knowing what to expect or else the anxiety will make u want to take it again

u should consider switching meds tho if you want to get off geodon i still havent found the right med and dosage and it takes time i was thinking of going back on the med that worked perfectly but i wanted to get off of but i dont think i will because that will mean these past 5 or 6 months will have been for nothing it is really tempting tho even tho i would gain a bunch of weight again and have sleep paralysis every night at least i wouldnt be having to deal with voices and thinking everyone is going to rob me whenever i leave the house and other stuff like that

Oh, I get that all the time from my beta blockers and ACE inhibitors. You adapt. The big thing is learning to moderate sudden movements. Middle age, so much fun!

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I think I’m going to try the 3x a day strategy first if the pdoc lets me, and if that doesn’t work or whatever other suggestion he makes doesn’t work, then I’ll start working on trying to go off.

Since this med has worked so well for my negative symptoms I would like to stay on it if possible. I have never found another AP that worked for both positive and negative, in fact every other AP I was on made my negative worse.


It’s tempting for me to go off APs since normally my positive symptoms are pretty mild/manageable so long as I am getting sleep, have routine and regular social contact and am not under extreme stress. But my negative symptoms are a constant and greatly decrease my life quality because with them basically all I can do is sleep since I don’t have the attention span for anything or motivation.

This is actually not a bad idea.
But I wouldn’t go ahead with it without a pdocs approval.

Of course I’m going to clear everything with him first. I realize very well that with this med I am not going to be able to do anything on my own, the consequences are too severe and immediate.

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The issue is now it seems to be making me lightheaded for no discernible reason, been on it 2 months and no lightheadedness or anything and all of a sudden bam. Why??

It’s very scary because I don’t feel comfortable driving like this. I have too much anxiety over this med to leave my home.

Perhaps you’re coming down with the flu? Or under stress? I’m surprised Geodon would cause these issues two months in.

I don’t think so, this is very abnormal for me. Unless that other person was right and I really did develop some sort of inner ear disorder, but I have no pain in my ears whatsoever

Something you might try eating with your Geodon is cashew nuts. They taste great, and they have a lot of calories. The only drawback is that they’re expensive. If you don’t like cashews, maybe you could try ice cream. I’ve been on Geodon for a long time. I tried getting off of it, but I noticed some of the old danger signals I always get when I’m coming off an anti-psychotic. I had to get back on the drug.

Anna, your issues are always paradoxical and never seem to follow a logical pattern.
I think you need to pay a visit to Doctor Gregory House. I mean, his real-life equivalent, if such a talent exists. (I hope it does).

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With medications yeah I tend to get random and horrible effects every time.

Like today I took my medication at around 10:30 am, then at 1:30 pm I became lightheaded and things went black very quickly when I stood up, then shortly after that at like 2:30 I became immensely sleepy, fell asleep and woke up at 4:30 and now I feel normal.

I’m literally scared to leave my house because I don’t know what side effects I’m going to get or how long they’ll last/affect my driving.