This is messed up

Today I was talking with my dad about an experience I had with him on the day I was about to enter the hospital. I was panicking because of the, then realistic, misperceptions my brain was creating about my eternal torture in a hellish place; the matter was that during that moment of panic I heard him say: “I will never forgive you” and, followingly, I heard my mom say in reply: “Why do you tell this to him?” (They were both next to me). However, when I separately questioned each of them today, they denied it having ever happened. Our conclusion? It was an auditory hallucination!
In conclusion: it shocked me because I thought I never had hallucinations, only delusions. I’m still processing all this.


Filtering through memories from psychosis has always been hard for me. Glad you figured it out


I am still scared of what my brain can do.

How new are you to psychosis? I’m about 3 years in now and it has gotten a lot better for me on the acceptance front. I’m still scared as hell but it doesn’t control me anymore

It’s been three years since I have been diagnosed and since I accessed the hospital. But I was psychotic for longer.

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Yah still sounds pretty new. Hope you find some peace soon

Thanks mate! I wish you the same.

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My step dad is pretty super cool

Sorry your dad was an ass.

Sorry Daze, Sounds like you have some pretty nice parents that you can check this stuff out with them. Always do that don’t go around in the dark. and I had another thought- that your mind may have been preparing you @TheMelon for being on your own in the hospital by saying that. A little separation from them for a while. I hope certainly that you trust them as they seem trustworthy thus far.

Well, don’t panic, it may have been a fluke; it could be just a one-time thing.

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Someone in my body, and unbearable thoughts, embarrassing and messsed up don’t want to be like this I am not like this.

What meds do you take?

Clozaril, Busbar Clonazepam

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For how long have you been taking medication and what does your doctor say about it?

That is what I take too. But I also take Lorazepam as well. :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

What symptoms if any are you still having on those meds? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Stupid thoughts someone putting voices in my head and do not want to die because of them.

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