Third eye opening, seeing 666, every song I listen to has a satanic message

Have any of you heard of the third eye opening, seeing 666, and every song has a satanic reference in it?

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Sounds like delusion of reference.
What is your med situation?

Oh no this is toooooo coincidental here, I’m really wondering now, and if I keep impersonating Moses, I’m gonna wonder my ass back to the promise land

That’s what delusions do, they make coincidences seem like a pattern, and make you see and hear “proof” where there is none.

100 proof? No I’m just playing

666 isn’t the real number of the beast. It’s 616, according to a parchment found in the red sea.

666 is Hollywood ■■■■■■■■. Spiritually meaningless.


666 is biblical

It’s a mistranslation.

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aveces yo veeo too bro sometimes it just appears like wow. Hopefully for the love of the world you get treatment or dont idk they know im being tortured but you my friend have time to decipher that meaning i wish you all the best my man see ya soon lmk if there is another coincidence

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