Thinking of reducing the medicine

From 20mg abilify to 10

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I’m reducing a vegetable stock on the stove right now.


If i start having negatives or cognitive loss or anything similar. I will end it

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I’m reducing the quantity of Creamsicles in the freezer.

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What is the reason you want to reduce the meds?

Because i been doing real good and i hope i am cured

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Well I can’t really say different to you, as you know best.

However, you need to consider based on your history whether it’s true that you’re cured, or whether it’s because you take the meds…

Something to think about

You can in no way give us all the info we need to decide this, and we’d not even be qualified.

Best speak with your doctor.

If you can get their support, at least you’ll be monitored.

Try not to go DIY if you can

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Also i dont want to lose brain/white /grey matter because of it

I will get am mri sometimes this year

Meds are a violation of the human rights

I will make a post about it later

Good luck but every time I’ve tried, it failed. I hope you are more lucky!

Do you mean every time you’ve reduced you’ve failed or every time you’ve come completely off? Or both?

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Both. One time I came off my meds. 6 months later I had to be hospitalized and once I tried lowering my meds and had to up again. I was then suicidal and psychotic for a couple of months.

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So far I’ve only had good experiences from reducing medication and feel more alive each time. But I did relapse when I came off completely!

I wouldn’t drop from 20mg to 10mg straight away. I would aim for 15mg and then see how you feel for 3 to 6 months. Just to be safer!

That’s not good, I relapsed after five months when I came completely off!

Have been doing well on 5mg Olanzapine for six months now though and have just dropped to 3.75mg a week ago and am feeling well.

Are you on a high dose of medication and do you have any symptoms while on medication?

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Would hate to relapse! That’s the scary part of trying to go lower on medication to feel better when you could end up even worse!

How low did you go before relapse?

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I’m on 12 mg of Invega now. I lowered to 9 mg and relapsed. I still hear voices on 12 mg but don’t have really weird delusions anymore.

How long did it take you to relapse and do you know what the equivalent dose of Olanzapine is?

I don’t know what the equivalent dose of olanzapine is, but when I was on it I took 30 mg.

A bit over 6 months. First I went from 12 to 10.5 mg and then 4 months later to 9.