Thinking of coming off meds

I feel depressed and no motivation

Definitely talk to your doctor first.

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I would only remotely consider it if you been stable for a very long time.

Yeah thats the thing with some of the drugs, they can flatten you out too much.
If your sure - and be aware you will be playing with your mental health - taper off and get the consent from your medical professional first.

If you feel depressed try an antidepressant. My depression bettered on Wellbutrin.

you post doesn’t match your subject headline.

wish you would elaborate.

Sometimes I’d like to come off my meds , just be what the illness makes me. But I got to remind myself this cannot happen it will only make things worse.
I feel that way a lot too tho no motivation kinda depressive lack of interest in really anything anymore. I used to play my guitar all the time I haven’t picked it up in god knows how long. Bring it up with your doctor tho and see what options are available would be my best advice.

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