Thinking about us

I think sometimes someone here might not have the correct mindset to post, but then we are all suffering from positive / negative symptoms of Schizophrenia and they might not have the insights into their illness.

This is especially tough when that someone has nobody to talk to, and forum remains his or her only emotional outlet.

  1. I am retired and I like to come to forum.
  2. I am busy with social life and I spend less time with the forum.
  3. I spend most of my time here on the forum.

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I think that it is important to allow people to post when they are unwell, because that is when they most need help.


This forum is my only outlet.
I don’t usually post when things get really bad, though because I get in trouble.

I don’t spend most of my time on here, though. I usually keep my phone turn off.


You sounds like a wise person to me.

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Well, after getting in trouble so many times, one begins to learn what not to do.
It just sucks, because that’s when I need support the most.


Forum is all I got social wise now, need to spend less time here though, stuff is piling up and I need a shower :frowning:


Yes, I agree. You need a balanced life. Go get a shower. :stuck_out_tongue:

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you evil :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, looks like I made a grammar mistake. I should have said “take a shower”.

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Still evil :stuck_out_tongue:


I work. I don’t have a social life. I come to the forum on my days off, I am part time, and I use the forums to kill time on the tram too and from work.

I’ve always received good advice and a lot of support in bad times here.


OK I finally had a shower, oooooooooooooooooooooooooh the pain of it all, I hope you all enjoyed the show :stuck_out_tongue: