Think i need a breast cancer check again

I’m sure that last time i went 5 months ago that the area i’m worried about wasn’t as bad, but when i said I wasn’t sure where it was, when asked, they decided to just do a mammogram and see if that detected anything.

now i think the area i’m concerned about wasn’t actually checked because it’s more in my armpit… think it is worse and I still haven’t had anyone investigate it - they didn’t even feel for it, just performed mammogram

meds cause greater incidence. and a gp noticed that there was more flesh on that side about 3 years ago - which meant that then i have been about 4 -5 times over minor concerns in that area…

They are going to take ages for an appointment again, in the meantime I have to get on with it.

i do need an appointment this morning though and I have things to do today.

good luck. let us know how it goes when you do it.

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"Think i need a breast cancer check again "

call me any time. :sunglasses:

All fine xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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staff are trained to check all areas… :woman: .
being sz we can get over concerned about certain things…
a doctor would be able to check under your armpit etc…if you are worried.
take care :alien:

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Antipsychotics raise the hormone PROLACTIN - they can make males lactate - and they can make your boobs lumpy - GET IT CHECKED - YES FOR YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND - but don’t panic and it’s probably your meds.