Hi, :comet: :droplet: :cyclone:

PO: We are stupid students

Is this possible at university?

What do you think?

What ist good at it?

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I wasnโ€™t stupid in college and neither was anyone I studied with. Iโ€™m not sure what exactly youโ€™re asking though


We try to create innovations here and I can also provoke differently! :green_heart:

PO: My hard drive is made of gel :cyclone:
PO: There is no more cable :droplet:
PO: Blood is green :comet:

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Iโ€™m not understanding you @BRAINTUNER

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He is trying to make jokes I think

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Oh ok! Thanks @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro

This is supposed to be an idea factory! :green_heart:

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  1. PO: = (art word)

  2. PO: = (provocation)

  3. PO: = (What happened if,โ€ฆ)

PO: We are made of ice :coat:

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