Things You Almost Never See

  1. A weather man or woman reviewing how accurate their forecast was.
  2. A politician going into detail about how well he kept the promises he made at the beginning of his term by the end of it.
  3. A long lasting peace treaty in the Middle East.
  4. A social problem completely solved.
  5. A medical condition not treated with meds.
  6. The last death star being destroyed whether in Star Wars films or life.
  7. A society without beggars.
  8. A day where something negative doesn’t happen
  9. (to end it off) A day where something positive doesn’t happen
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A satisfied human.

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This is because humans are hardwired for some reason to never be happy with what they have. There’s actually a thing called the hedonistic paradox where if you try to pursue being happy you never will be happy which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but it’s true nonetheless.

A day without cowards pissing me off. I got out again today. So I win.

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