Things were different then, here is me in Leningrad 1989

It is already 26 years ago almost exactly, here is me partying with girls and drinking champagne in Leningrad in March 1989. And then the times changed.


Was my birth year.


I was just a twinkle in my mothers eye. as she would say. 15 months before i was born

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Is this a home video of you and your friends, lol?

I had already served my first year in the army in 1989, it is now 26 years later, but didn’t change for me till last year when the voices began.

good luck to you


Yes, it is me when I was at the school for specially gifted in the Soviet Union, just kidding :smiley: , this song is an old and famous Russian song, ja igraju na garmoshke, here is a Finnish version of the same song.

Long time ago in the 1970s when I was at the grammar school and I took Russian lessons, we actually leaned this song. During those times there were very few young students who took Russian lessons, maybe just four, we also learned a lot about the Soviet Union, I actually believe in special educational programs.

That was the year I went to Vienna, Austria, and learned a lot of things they don’t teach you in school. Sure got a different perspective on life.

До свидания
Da svidaniya

I was in Vienna in 1991, then in Graz, Austria in 1993, yes, many things must be experienced and the life changes during many years, when I was in Vienna in 1991 I was invited to visit one of my childhood friends in Budabest, Hungary, but I got so tired that could not do so. This childhood friend was a lawyer who later drunk himself to death.

It is funny, some clothes never become old, just today I wore the same wool shirt that I had on in that photo where I partied with some girls, 26 years ago. So I have had this shirt with me all these 26 years.