Things the Recent world has taught me

It’s obviously strange times for all with this health crisis but I’m starting to understand something. For practical effect my life hasn’t really changed. I don’t have to go to work. I just keep up what i was doing except for my volunteering…( no cricket so not much to do so after a holiday I am not needed ) and the biggest thing I miss is getting together with friends and family…we’ve had birthdays we’d usually get together for all a no dice.

So. I’m coming to the conclusion I spend far too much time online. Mornings usually aren’t too bad. I am still doing a heap of exercise and am now jogging around 20 minutes a day weather permitting. My afternoons I relax and watch youtube, forums etc. I’ve bought a lot of plastic kits that need building and painting so from tomorrow I’m going to dedicate my afternoon to doing them. It’s not bad catching up on the internet but I honestly think I need to do other things. Life is way too short for just watching cat videos on youtube…

Keep busy people. :slight_smile:


It’s great that you are exercising and jogging, it’s a HUGE help for mental health. When it’s sunny or not raining, I always do like up to 20,000 steps a day. I live in a nice neighbourhood but before this virus crisis I spent so much time in the gym. I miss the gym a lot.

But I don’t have ANY family around me. Not sure if this is a good thing, sometimes I think it’s better I spend so much time alone. But there must be more to life.

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I’m sorry about that @mermaid1. I’m still blessed to have my family with me, though I cannot keep any friends because of my personality issues. I hope you find comfort, being alone isnt that bad. Getting a cat and/or dog helps tremendously.

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I don’t have the best parents but my dad passed away last year, I saw him before he passed away. I travel once a year to see my family. I have an amazing brother who laughs at my jokes and a sister who is lovely. We always FaceTime. It’s a BIG gift to have a caring family around you, esp battling an illness like schizophrenia.

I have a CAT. She’s my baby. I will adopt a dog once one day my sleep schedule is fixed somehow.

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Ditto, tell me about it :roll_eyes:

Yeah, pets are freaking awesome.

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Keep busy. I’m not dissing this forum or anything but I’ve projects I need to do I’ve been putting off. It’s so much easier to sit in front of the computer and wind down. I really can be painting plastic minis which really is relaxing too. Well done on 20, 000 a day. I’m settling into 25, 000 but you can leave your residence here to exercise so I jog 20 minutes a day…gawd. I’m fitter near 50 than I was at 39.


Pop in sometimes, we need some mature input here.

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Plan is to drop by mornings with a small window between exercise. I need to make more of my afternoons. Thanks matey. I won’t be totally gone in this weird world.


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