Things not to do in group therapy 101

No matter how much it grosses you out, in the middle of group therapy DO NOT tell the psyche nurse to stop picking her nose and eating it. Trust me on this; it’s a mood killer and a conversation stopper.


You’re gone, Nick!

Isn’t group therapy about being open and honest? You could have asked her - How do you feel about that?


Ewwwwwwwww! LOL.

LOL @pob! I swear there are so many funny people on here!

Don’t tell them you are the anti Christ and are already dead then gointothe kitchen and steal all the biscuits.


I see dead people.
Eating biscuits…

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I see dill pickles!

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Don’t ever put me into group therapy. I’m the one who spends the entire session looking forward to, and thinking of ways to sabotage team and trust building exercises.


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With her finger.