They want to control my beliefs?

me and my voices
if i belief i m powerful
they say dont think like that
you are weak
or we will torture you
what the hell ?
isnt there anyone can stop them these stupid agencies ?
they are stupid as hell

Are you on meds?
Do they work?


just tell them, well look i just went to work, who is powerful now?


i m on low dose of medication
i dont want anymore side effects

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Yes, but since you have symptoms
you should up the doses of meds.

If you were symptoms free,
I would understand low doses.

What does your pdoc say?

i will go to him soon
i will tell him
topic of side effects that happen to me is very disturbing

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What side effects do you have?

SIde effects can be bad but not as bad as not taking meds for me personally. But you should do what your doctor says

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