There is no one happy

We are all weak humans that can get hurt no one should think that he is strong we are all prone to diseases and are determined by genetics

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I’m happy. I have a steady date now, and my pulmonologist said I would live a long life. This are the main reasons I am happy.


Plenty of people are happy. No one is happy a 100% of the time but I see plenty of happy people during the week though undoubtedly some are faking it.

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At least there are things we can do to reduce our risk of disease.

But some things are hard to control or maybe impossible such as the quality of the air we breath, and war.

I feel like I might have another good twenty years ahead of me, but you never know. Could be that for 11 of those years I would be incapacitated by Alzheimer’s.

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I’m pretty happy if that counts for anything

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I’m sort of happy but things that are out of my control I try not to focus on them. Though I do like to be aware of them.

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I’m happy to be alive or I never know the understanding of all the beautiful things on the world is in trouble oh nothing in vain 4 happiness is where you find it and let it fill your heart for everything around you God is play the part

I’m happy as Larry. Ask larry and he’ll tell you. Honestly. I love my life and it’s lo stressed and different from most but I have fun and enough disposable income to live a decent life. Might be a little different from others but it’s something for me anyways.


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