The Unmotivated Club

I’ve always put minimal effort into daily maintenance. I get exposed to germs, but I’ve developed a strong immune system. They could probably get antibodies from my blood.

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  1. Cooked
  2. Washed my cooking dish
  3. Shaved
  4. Showered
  5. Dressed for religious Zoom gathering tonight.
  6. Finished coding and preliminary testing for my first code assembler that assembles code for a virtual machine that I designed and implemented.
  7. Started working toward building a prototype for a set of binary search tree code using the aforementioned assembler.
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I made a lettuce tomato fried egg and onion sandwich with mayonnaise.

Now cutting up cucumber and carrots

Hardly ever eat vegetables :smile: so I’m working on it

#fromburgerstoveggies #riseofthecukes #revengeofthegarden #iamavegetable


I fed my father’s cat.
He’s not at his home.

I had a medical consultation with my psychomotor therapist.

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It was a struggle getting out of bed today. But I attended calculus class, planted my green onions, and had a therapy appointment. I want to get some dishes done also, but I am too tired today.


Today I did my two classes, finished my English assignment… did dishes… have some reading to do when I get home for philosophy class…


I meditated today.