The surprising comfort

It helps my anxiety to carry two of my three beanie baby Teddys around with me in my bag. I would carry all 3 but that would take up all the space in my bag. My favourite one is my lamb one I don’t have a name for her yet. It is comforting because they are always with me in my room and so understand me well and still are my friends.

@lekkerhondje :blush:

You kind of inspired me.

I’ll post some photos when I get a chance I do recommend it for anxiety


Glad you found something that provides some comfort. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

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Thanks Graybear. Yes I dunno why it helps they aren’t exactly alive but somehow it helps.


I sometimes do the same thing! I have a little black cat beanie, from Kiki’s Delivery Service, an anime movie. The cat’s name is Jiji. I put him in my bag, sometimes.


Aw cool. Snap. Beanie stuffed animals are so cute. I’m glad you get some comfort from it too. U know, just a little, in my case… Better than none. :smiley:

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Here she is

Anyone have any name ideas?


The tablecloth or pillow… or whatever that is that the lamb is sitting on… gave me the idea of “Sprinkle”. :smiley:

Or “Star”, because you count sheep to fall asleep, and sleep usually means nighttime, and nighttime means stars! Haha.

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Sam. Sam the lamb


Mint jelly. Cause you’re on the lamb

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Minty. 15151515

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Thanks @Blossom and @Jinx!

I like a few of these names Sam happens to be my favourite man name along with William but I think I will go with Minty :smirk:

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Minty is a cool character.

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Yes I like it. It suits her well. :ok_hand:

I’m gonna take them out my plastic bag in the staff room and let them breathe and sit on the sofa there :sweat_smile:

I also have a rabbit called bunny and an elephant called Ellie


I highly recommend beanie babies they are too cute and cuddly.

And my colleagues are gonna think I’m strange when I lay them out at work. Lol…

Maybe I could do with a teddy too.

When I was a kid I used to make a person by stuffing clothes with other clothes and I would lie beside them. This was long before puberty so I don’t think there was anything sexual about it. But maybe I was longing for company and being close.


Aw that’s creative and clever.

The brand I buy is called Jellycat. If you are interested in the ones like mine. Slighlty pricy but worth it wen it comes to company.

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This is Bunny. She is out with me today too. Ellie is chilling in my room though. So have no photo of her at the moment


So I decided not to lay my teddies out in the staffroom it might be a bit too much :joy:

But they are in a clear bag on the bench with the top open so they can breathe.

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Aww that’s sweet. I have a plush turtle that sits on my bed.