The Super Bowl

The two states that just legalized pot are getting together for a “Super Bowl”


If I could I’d smoke a super bowl. :sunny:

I know right? If only doing so didnt make me have a psychotic episode…I remember when weed made me high not psychotic…

I believe it put me in the hospital a few times, only if weed was the same for everyone. :frowning:

I want Seattle to win just because I don’t really like Peyton Manning but I think Denver will win.

I’m here in Seattle an my city has been nuts the last two days.

You ain’t the only one who figured that out. Could it be fate? Yea they are gonna have one hell of a super bowl alright. And its probably got weed in it. Bill Gates is for marijuana now ain’t he like the richest man in the world?

Only one problem with all this talk of legal pot - the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey.

why do you think they moved it?

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Ahhhh… What great news. If they win, my city is going to explode. :boom: :football:

Makes sense. Only women wear tights.