The saddest thing I have ever seen. (trigger warning)

I was in the Army and living off base, sharing rent with this Hispanic guy in a one bedroom duplex. There were these young civilian kids hanging around. I think their fathers were officers in the Army. This young woman was pregnant, and she and the future father were going to get married. The future father was going to support them by entering the Army as a private. This young woman was affecting this classy accent sort of like a well bred woman of Regency England in the 19th century would use. It was kind of painful to listen to because it was so out of place. Anyway, the night after they got married this young woman was pie eyed drunk and balling like a baby. She said it was because her husband had, “made her forsake her other male friends”, but I believed it was because she could no longer escape the realization that she had just torpedoed her life. She wasn’t going to live in a nice house any more. She was going to be feeding the baby and changing its diapers. She was seventeen years old, and she was going to miss out on all the fun she used to have. Anyway, I moved to a trailer a couple of miles away, and one night Sanchez, my roommate, and I were drinking, and we went to the house of this young woman who had cried so piteously after she got married. This young woman and her husband were living in this small house with seven or eight other young soldiers. I’m sure it cut down on the rent, but this poor young woman could not have had any privacy. Things like taking a shower, using the toilet, and changing clothes must have been a trial for her, and I doubt if the young soldiers living in the place handled the situation with finesse. When I looked at her holding her baby she looked pretty shell shocked. Worse still, she might have been in the throes of “post partem depression”. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen.

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