The Rock bottom of sz

I’ve compared myself to the character of the sitcom “Cheers” of Diane. This is most unpleasant to say the least. IF you didn’t used to watch it you wouldn’t understand. If I’m joking, I’m making fun of myself, someone really needs to do it! desimb

It could always be worse, you could be compared to Carla.

I loved Cheers for many years. I haven’t seen it in forever. Might have to go find an episode for old times sake.

It’s a good sign to know if you think you are at rock bottom…things can only get better from rock bottom! I was at rock bottom this time a year ago, I was unmedicated, cutting class, drinking and just trying to get by, but that’s rock bottom because now I am in remission, on meds, making A’s and meeting new people. I did attempt suicide at rock bottom.

But remember, the only way is up! I’ve gotten into powerlifting over the past year, and I like it because the only way is up! Up go the heavy weights! When you max out, you have someone to spot you and someone to watch you lower the weight and then yell “UP!” when you need to push it back up.

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i thought Diane in " cheers " was nice , neurotic but nice .
take care

In what ways are you like Diane? I use to watch to watch that show religiously. Diane was smart, a little snobbish, annoying, and loved to needle Sam.

At least your not Cliff… poor guy. Even Norm had it easier then Cliff…

I liked Diane from cheers. Carla was annoying.

I have to admit, I always liked “coach” but I always felt like Woody.