The preweekend report

Getting loungey in here.

So now I’m working at Jason’s Deli as the ONLY delivery driver. Have to get clocked in 5 more separate times between today and tomorrow. Was already in there once this morning…

Have to work night indefinitely with some mornings mixed in thereafter. Indefinitely until they get another driver rolling. What fun nah’m’say’n.

That said I fulfilled a childhood dream and snatched these up for $43.

Got gonzo peeking in there and he’s doing alright.

Got 2.5 hours of not ■■■■ to do but try and respect my neighbor’s morning silence. Enjoy a coffee while I’m at it.

How are you all doing?


U are enjoing ur life azley …keep it up…


Good to see you’re doing well. Nice looking cat.


What is that? Toy guns (for video game)?

I too enjoy a coffee.

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Yeah dreamcast light guns.

They work surprisingly well… got the pair for 2 player.

Was dual weilding but it get confusing having to reload two guns. Had a friend who was really good on the arcade cabinets. That guy had it down.


that’s unfortunate, dude. makes me feel sad for not having a driver’s license.

hope things are still going okay with that childhood dream

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