The negative association between schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis

THis is news to me. It seems that if you have schizophrenia - you are very unlikely to get rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I guess this is one of the benefits of getting schizophrenia.


Our results are consistent with epidemiological observations of a negative relationship between SZ and RA reflecting, at least in part, genetic factors.


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I read something about this a while back. I also read that if you have Type 1 diabetes you are very unlikely to have Schizophrenia. But schizophrenia commonly occurs in families with a history of diabetes. This has been known for nearly two hundred years. They are all diseases of the autoimmune system (at least some people’s sz seems to be, cannot say all). My favourite news about this is the one about controlling/treating rheumatoid arthritis with a magnet.

Implant eases agony of rheumatoid arthritis

[The Daily Fail is an awful newspaper but sometimes had good health articles.] I have read some research that has the vagus nerve involved in sz too, and in diabetes.
It seems like if they crack one autoimmune illness, they may quickly crack them all. I hope and pray. It would be so great if it were something so flaming simple!