The Mummy! (2017)

The mummy was my favorite movie growing up for a little while, looks like the new mummy got really good reviews!!! Might have to see it!!

The girl who plays the Mummy is so pretty lol

That’s a plus

I can’t find that great of pics of her on google, but she looks great in the movie previews

well she doesn’t look bad here


Oh also wanna see Wonder Woman :yum:

I remember the mummy. It gave me nightmares as a kid when I saw it. I think the part that most horrified me was when the scarabs were crawling under people’s skin

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Lol when I was 10 I was obsessed with Egypt. I tried learning the Egyptian language and I did a presentation on Egypt for school. We made a movie and I held my cat while they filmed me, I played the pharaoh, and I did such a good job that they called me in and interviewed me during lunch to show me as an example of an exemplar student :rolling_eyes: I was so talented when I was young and did so well at things like this in school, even though I was a troublemaker. This illness ruined everything.

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she is very beautiful!! I will see the movie too :slight_smile:
including wonder woman, if it is playing

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She’s originally from Algeria not Egypt…although they are close countries I believe. But yeah she’s pretty. I’m also gonna see All Eyez On me but that’s not out for 10 days.

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Same. I was on straight A honor roll, constantly won awards and contests, etc. Everyone would always tell me how I was going to be so accomplished and to send them copies of my first book and whatnot. Then bam, mental illness…

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I was great at baseball, all my traumas from 10-13…I still had baseball to hold on. Then BAM…hernia surgery…BAM…40 pound weight gain…BAM…out of practice, still should have made the baseball team but the coach was a douche…Got Cut. Then I had no choice but to enter mental illness. I had nothing left… When I was 10 I was one of the coolest people in the grade, all the girls liked me and I was popular and did well in school and stuff. It was all down hill from there after. Can’t imagine not being cursed. Hope you don’t mind me stealing your “bam”.

Yep I was fairly popular as well. Then depression happened…lost my ability to make conversation, became extremely withdrawn and isolated, stopped paying attention in class…then psychosis got real bad in Highschool and people thought I was really weird because I went around preaching love and acceptance due to my delusions at the time and was just odd in general. And it’s pretty difficult if not impossible to focus on schoolwork while psychotic…

So yeah here I am now, I barely pass most of my classes, am generally in the bottom ranking for all of them, I’ve failed classes several times and had to retake, etc…I’m just scraping by…

I also have some kind of disorder that makes me intensely sleepy all the time so that screws with me too.

Are stories are different…but very similar too. Our struggles are similar I imagine.


I texted my sister about the Mummy and she said she wants to see either that or Wonder Woman with me this weekend!!! I can’t wait.

I was somewhat unpopular in middle school. I got more popular in high school because I was in the marching band. My grades got worse in the second half of college though. I think there were other reasons for that though because when other people would copy off me they got higher grades. Also everyone else in group projects got higher grades than me. I don’t know if I’m just unlikable or it was because of my political stance. Of course when I started to get a little further into academia I realized how bs grades are. Don’t let it get to you too much. Also jobs don’t seem to care about gpa that much.

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Benny hahahahah

Jonathan hahahahaha

the two best characters

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from the previews and the cast line up im afraid it will lack the humor of the first one… the leading man takes himself too serious for my tastes but I will still watch it…

She’s a dancer, I remember googling her a while back haha. I think she was in one of the Step Up movies.

She’s been in a lot of movies actually.