The lines are blurred

I’m not brave. Maybe I am. I can’t really tell the difference anymore.
Maybe I’m the hero, maybe I’m the goat.


Or maybe you are a hero goat :goat:

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That thought crossed my mind.



that’s how my little cousins use it. i haven’t seen them in a while. their modern popular distortion of english is not easy to keep up with


In my experience people don’t tend to be one thing or another, but rather a mix of both. Personality and pretty much everything else related to humans is very much a spectrum thing, despite society liking to view things in black and white.

what is wrong with goats?


Cheese I guess…???

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Yeah goats are great. Very friendly, playful, charming. Motivated by food. :wink:

I took a class at my college once that let us take care of a goat for a semester. I did it with my roommate. Super fun.

Lol @77nick77 :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

all I saw when I read this was bugs bunny daring nick the goat to cross this line…then another until the line was at the edge of a cliff…we all saw how that works…don’t let bugs bunny trick the goat king into stepping over that last line lol…

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