The Heart is More Important

I used to train in a martial art, called Hapkido. I have never met a man that I respected more than Grand Master Choi.

Not only did he have his 10th degree black belt, he also had seven University degrees in The Healing Arts. He was from Southern Korea, and a Kinder man I have never met

He could read you like a book, size you up at a glance, but he was always very kind and his purpose was to help. When I first struggled with the onset of schizophrenia, I went to him to train me further in a focus meditation he had taught me years earlier.

It must have been the look in my eyes, because he simply turned me one day and said, “The Heart is more important”. The smile in his eyes could light up the sky

When you consider this to be true, as I do, I have yet to meet a a single person on this board that is not better than their mind will allow them to believe

Something to think about…


I once met a man in the hospital who told me to think with my head and not my heart. Idk if they’re disagreeing .

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For me it’s all about finding an equilibrium between head and heart that works for you. Too much or too little of head/heart aren’t great.


@ThePoet I think what the man in the hospital is trying to say, don’t react rashly and emotionally. Think things through.

What Master Choi was saying, is that your Heart, who you really are, is much more important than any illness that maybe set your mind

Make sense?

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In my thinking both head and heart are good. But head should lead heart, as a man should lead a woman.

Perhaps what your friend meant was that having a pure heart is important.

Not head va heart but heart vs superficial things

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100% haha sorry I was jut bored and felt like doing philosophy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Such a beautiful story !!! Is Master Choi still living? You should visit him

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@Loke Yes, Master Choi is still alive. But he is retired from the dojo. He’s probably getting into his late sixties, early seventies. He has done his time and Duty

I had to cry just now, writing this story out. Part of it is Longing To Be involved in something like that again, but mostly I think it hit me so hard because kindness is so rare sometimes it seems

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