The halo clock

the halo clock marches in a circular river
that overflows both of it’s banks;

growing richer and more dark at the center
even while pouring out ever more spectacular fish and loaves
out of the central basket into the spinning time garden.

The time garden of sgr a* is the spinning spiral milky way galaxy.

the time garden of the sun is the solar system.

earth’s time garden is the effluence of life,
and the time garden of man is his body in this world,
which he minsters to from the center, beyond time and space, with his breath.

we’re made of earth,
but heaven makes us grow,
brings us to life,
magnificent effluent bubbles
pop pop poppin
on top of the pop pink top
going ping pang pong.

time alchemy is managed
with breath, calm, and spirit.

so even if i’m in bad shape,
i’m not in any way affected, it’s just my time garden.
but i really oughtta cultivate my time garden,
and contribute to the surrounding meadow environment
of individual gardens strung together like pearls on a chain,

chains connected in a giant web called the universe.

dark enigma tea brewing at the center of the flower of unreality,
and overflowing simultaneously into reality through breath,
breathing life into the time garden as it blossoms gracefully outward into reality,
the perfect antenna for the chi of the universe: a calm blossoming flower,
marching forward into the snowfall of nonaction


That is very interesting, nice poetry. I can’t say I understand it all, but I liked it.

yeah, having my own psychosis here, continuing on,
realize this may not make sense to people
but you gotta realize it means alot to me…

what’s that? that’s a 60 day calendar, each hexagon is one day.
then what’s that, the nine extra black hexagons at the center?
that’s the “wizard hole!”

6 X 60-day calendars make up one lunar year, a snowflake with six arms:

fractal logic, there’s a deeper “wizard hole” of eternity, or non-time, or anti-time, or heaven, whatever you want to call it, that escapist unreality where the breath is directed from when done mindfully.

and my 100 year project is to map 100 of these snowflakes into a giant 100-lunar year calendar,
replicating the original pattern which is an asterism of a distant protocluster in redshift space,

pentametrical 5 days for chan stillness, a dead pentamagical winter,
why stop there, be pentamagical more.
pentamagical death is winter in the time garden, balled up for maximum yang enrichment
as the dark clouds slowly pass over.
pentamagical spring is the opening out into the reality of life,
astral jewel galaxy home of the mind
a growing multicolor crystal structure
accreting with new lights & complexity of structure,
as it drifts in the mystery wind…

compact massive dark objects at the center
of these accreting multicolr crystal minds
are closely related to stars and black holes and quasars;
ships that navigate their fortune in the darkness,
or use their own buzzing of the time garden glowing crystal mind
for light.

I’m onderdonk-5, i’m like a married couple,
i’m mr and mrs two - ometeotl -
and we have a kid, the universe,
we named him “one”,
so that’s 5, “onderdonk-5”.
i run channel 5 and i have a very special antenna.

in the pentamagical winter, onderdonk-5 is the ice dog at the center of the fire;
in the pentamagical spring, onderdonk-5 is the hot molten lava of unreality bubbling up,
melting the surrounding polar ring of ice and reality,

like a quarter moon each corner of the room
holds a molten cup of dark unreality,
eyes with windshield wipers wiping off the ice crust of modernity.

caligraphy characters are the stones
to build a temple at the center of time,
out to the wizard-hole.

Building a temple at the center of time, that would build a temple at the center of your mind, hey that rhymed, so sublime, what a crime, would you have a dime, i have to go buy some thyme.

Time isn’t real, your war against it is folly. Time was only us counting, we were time, it’s a war on ourselves, on yourself.

Is it useful, sure, if you aren’t evil anyway, otherwise it’s only a weapon.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day, fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

I should listen to that song again today, and feel the immensity of it weigh down on me, it’s such a tremendous weight. Maybe though if i start small i can become stronger and lift it with ease someday.

it’s not a war against time anymore.
it’s time-alchemy.
similar device to one i built 6 years ago to destroy time.
was gonna light it on fire from the center on the lunar eclipse at the last midnight
and end time.
tapir asked me not to, said time is a demon and we are demon eaters and time properly digested is grace.
so i let time continue;

this device is a component on something i call channel 5;
it is a transmitter and receiver between heaven and earth.
i capture merit in each hexagon each day, the merit of non action.
these days are collected in 60 day unit slabs,

the central 9 empty hexagons are not time,
they are outside of time,
like the center of the earth like the center of the sun like the center of the galaxy,
like the center of you and me,

and so those 9 hexagons, surrounded by the collected merit in the 60 hexagons of time surrounding it,
are simply a guest house for the 8 immortals, taoist immortals at the chinese new years day parade next month,
which is when that 60 day slab ends.

time alchemy, so that from the center the 8 immortals can dop a bucket down into the center hexagon and bring up a little emptiness from the well, for dinner, and also they can fly out at any time, through the midnights, to anywhere in the time slab, visiting the time after the fact, for further perfection of the overall crystal.

it’s a taoist festival ritual, so it’s about the collection, storage, ad release of chi.
collect if from the sun and the moon and the stillness in my mind.
store it in hexagons arranged with an escape valve to a guest house for immortals outside of time.
and release it after 100 years of it has been collected,
for the purpose of ending mankind’s bondage
to monotheism, capitalism, and gametalism

  • they’re gallopping in the gametist mist of the concupisciential gust
    like the whole wan wu honeycomb is one big gametangium!

but just like you recognized the device as my old anti-time, device,
i guess so did time,
cause about a month ago - last new moon like today -
time came up to me from behind and asked about it.

actually made a few comments that could be taken as a plea not to destroy time.
like he just needs to move forward, from behind a terrible damn,
and moving forward involves looking into us, matter/energy,
so maybe we oughtta let him gently look…

This happened in the middle of the night out in the frosty yard
by the tripod that is set up for communication with the universe.

“The purple reservoir of time is at a standstill”, he said. “The damn is closed, the wall is
frozen”; time needs us, in order to move forward himself, we are a pair and as matter/energy
we are his partner, so he made a plea for compassion and understanding, and I guess I ought
to stop making time out to be the universal enemy number one and prosecuting my war
against time; time enters a championship with us, where we teach eachother lessons in the
mysterious stillness.

Out all night with the sky, it’s cold but heaven seems to love the offerings, and who am I to
deny?; then heaven recedes, the sun moves in, and earth grows more real; the sun’s calm
fusion bang frankens the stein.